Pre-Made Banners

With GZR Gear Walker Banners, you can help bring happiness to and create smiles for loved ones. It can be hard to find meaningful gifts for Seniors; we help you make a creative walker banner for parents, grandparents, friends, and other loved ones. Choose from one of over 100 pre-made, ready-to-order walker banner gifts that are sure to bring joy and smiles to those that mean the most to you.

Choose the perfect sentiment, celebrate holidays… even appreciate a favorite pet! Or if you prefer to use your own image and text, you can learn about creating your own walker banner here!

Getting your pre-made Walker Banner is an easy three-step process:

Banner Design

Choose your design from our library of pre-made banners.  It's ready-to-order, so no changes can be made to it (for information on how to create custom banners, click here).

Banner Style

Choose the size/type of banner you want – all of our banners are 17" wide in order to fit most medical walkers and wheelchairs. Standard (17” wide x 10" high), Pocket (17" wide x 10” high, with an 8" pocket & Velcro closure), or Large (17" wide x 18” high).  Standard banners cost $29.99; Pocket and Large sizes are $34.99.


Enter your U.S. shipping and billing information to place your order.

Choose from our selection of banners

We have a large selection of pre-made banner designs for you to choose from. Our banners are great for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, or just for fun, everyday use. No matter the occasion, our banners provide a unique way to add character to walkers!

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GZR Gear Walker Banners fit all types of standard medical walkers:


Four nonskid, rubber-tipped legs that provide stability; must be picked up to move.

Wheeled A-Frame

Two wheels on front legs of Standard A-Frame walker; helpful if you need some – but not constant – weight-bearing help.


Wheels on all 4 legs with hand brakes, and a padded seat.


Provides more support than a cane, though less than either A-Frame or Rollator walkers.