Create Your Own

With GZR Gear Walker Banners, you can help bring happiness to and create smiles for loved ones. It can be difficult to find meaningful gifts for Seniors; we help you create personalized walker banners for parents, grandparents, friends, and other loved ones.  Create personalized custom walker banner gifts that are sure to bring joy and smiles to those that mean the most to you.

To get started, choose from 1 of 10 templates and add the image and/or text of your choice!*  Or you can learn more about our pre-made, ready-to-order banners here!

* Remember that no trademark or copyright artwork should be used without permission from owner of the trademark artwork. See Terms & Conditions for more information.

Getting your custom Walker Banner is an easy three-step process:

Banner Template

Start by choosing one of our templates - in either Standard/Pocket version size (17" wide x 10" high) or Large size (17" wide x 18" high), then add your image and/or text. Standard banners cost $29.99; pocket and large sizes are $34.99.


Add your image and crop it, if necessary. Add your text, and then format it with your choice of fonts, colors, and size. Do a final review of your banner art, then add it to your shopping cart.


Enter your U.S. shipping and billing information to place your order.

Custom Walker Banners


GZR Gear Walker Banners fit all types of standard medical walkers:


Four nonskid, rubber-tipped legs that provide stability; must be picked up to move.

Wheeled A-Frame

Two wheels on front legs of Standard A-Frame walker; helpful if you need some – but not constant – weight-bearing help.


Wheels on all 4 legs with hand brakes, and a padded seat.


Provides more support than a cane, though less than either A-Frame or Rollator walkers.