About Walker Banners

GZR Gear™ is the original, patented* brand of walker banners, offering families the ability to choose from dozens of ready-to-order designs or create-your-own personalized banner.

Quality is very important to us. All our banners are made in the USA, with commercial-grade vinyl that resists tears, stains, creasing and fading. We use durable, water-proof inks and solid brass grommets. And all our banners come with pre-set grommet locations and Velcro strips and ball bungees for two easy, quick options to attach banners to walkers!

GZR Gear Walker Banners make great gifts - they help start conversations and share stories... and they certainly stand out in a crowd:

stand out in a crowd of walkers

We offer three types of walker banners that are designed to work with any type of medical walker...

Our Standard Banner ($29.99, plus shipping) is 17” long and 10” high; it is the most versatile option and works well with every walker type:

Standard Walker Banner
Three Wheeled Walker Image
Left Facing 3-Wheel Medical Walker


Our Standard Banner with Pocket ($34.99, plus shipping) our 17” long by 10” high Standard Banner with a 8” high pocket on the back. The pocket has a Velcro tab in the middle for additional closure support. This banner has an additional two grommets that are designed to provide additional stability and support for the pocket. Works best with high attachment placement on rollators (above the seat area) or on A-Frame walkers that provide easy access to the pocket area:

Pocket Walker Banner - Front
Pocket Walker Banner - Contents
Pocket Walker Banner - Closed


Our Large Banner ($34.99, plus shipping) is 17” long and 18” high. Works best on A-Frame walkers:

Large Walker Banner


And better yet, our banners are versatile - they fit wheelchairs, too!



* U.S. Patent #10,111,506

*U.S. Patent #10,192,469